C.G. Conn 6M VIII Silver Alto Saxophone with Naked Lady Serial #309639


1943-1944 Vintage professional saxophone with 95% of the original silver plating, a gold washed bell and a sleeve style micro tuner neck.


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This C.G. Conn 6M VIII Silver Alto Saxophone with Naked Lady Serial #309639 is in mint condition with 95% of the original silver plating and a beautiful Naked Lady Portrait engraving. The only plating is on the touch spots of the keys. It has just come from the shop where it was cleaned and adjusted, so it plays great. The pads are a mix of old and new, but all are in good condition. There is one or two minor dents/dings in the bow but otherwise, this horn is super clean. The serial number is 309639 making this a 1943-1944 vintage horn. On the back of the body is engraved “6M VIII Pat APP’D For A 309639 L”. The “L” denotes this horn is in low pitch. Until the mid-1940s Conn made horns in both high and low pitch. The engraving is a gorgeous Naked Lady engraving with the words “Made By C.C. Conn LTD Elkhart, IND. U.S.A.” featured beside it. The C.G. Conn “Naked Lady” horns are some of the most iconic saxophones out there. They have an unbelievable sound and are the favorites of professionals and students alike. This horn has a polished silver bell engraving, a brushed silver body, and a gold wash bell. It also comes with the iconic, original micro tuner, sleeve style/double socket neck in great shape with no evidence of a pull down. It comes in a replacement case in good condition. A mouthpiece is not included. This alto saxophone has that awesome 6M sound, great intonation with a warm, round tone.

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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 29 × 17 × 11 in